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At the Perth reunion, after some discussion, it was decided to hold the next one in Adelaide in October 2012, actual date to be advised later.

Tim Shannon and Des Lowe put their hands up to be the initial committee, however they would like any of the other guys from SA to give them some support. Ray GreenI will also be doing what he can from Sydney.

Please guys, even though it is over 2 years away, Tim would like to know how many are interested so he has an idea of which venues will have to be booked. Whether interested or not, could we please have your answer by say, 1st October 2010. I reiterate, we need a YES or No from everyone of you please.

Date for the Adelaide reunion

The correct dates for the 2012 reunion are. Friday 19th, Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st and  Monday 22nd October. You can definitely lock in these dates as we are very close to booking a venue, just ironing out a couple of details. Whichever venue we do book, however, will require deposits by early 2011.

Itinerary for Adelaide reunion

Friday 19th………………Meet & Greet         1830-2300 or later if required

Saturday 20th……………Dinner                    1800-2330 or later if required

Monday 22nd…………….Breakfast              0930-1130

Plus excursions as can be arranged to satisfy all. (To be thrashed out later, once we know exact numbers)

The cost for these 3 events is $160.00 per person. (All of the venues Tim has approached are within this same parameter)

PLEASE NOTE…A $25.00 p/p expression of interest deposit is required to be paid into our Westpac account not later than 15th February 2011.

I have a list of Hotels/Motels and Caravan Parks around the general Glenelg area. Those caravanning, or planning to stay in caravan park cabins, please contact Ray Green before making a booking. We are trying to negotiate deals.

Banking arrangements for the Adelaide reunion

I would think that by now most of you will be doing internet banking. 

For those who are, all you need do is transfer funds to BSB 032273, Account number 314933, Name of a/c 17th Intake Reunion. Description...your own Navy number R95---. It is that simple. 

For those not wanting to use internet, Go to a Westpac Bank, get a deposit slip and fill in as follows:  

Branch Bank where a/c is held.......ST MARYS
Paid in by
.....YOUR NAME & Signature
Your Phone Number......
For Credit of......17TH INTAKE REUNION
Aux serial No. ...your official number but instead of R use 0(zero)
Account No....314933

As with the Qld reunion, $20.00 a fortnight from now on turns into $1000.00 by October 2012.

This is not compulsory but I can assure you all, it will save a big headache come September 2012 having to find the money.

If any one is unsure please get in touch with Ray Green. Happy banking.

What ever you wish to add to the a/c will be reconciled monthly and a balance of a/c sent via email.

These people have indicated their intentions about attending the Adelaide Reunion.
Not Attending
Ray and Sandy GREEN Neil HAGE Alan and Emma DYSON
Tim and Di SHANNON Stephen BYRNE John and Kathy KIELBICKI
Des and Dora LOWE John DUNNE Richard WHITE
Harry and Amanda BERGER Paul SHUTE Noel and Chris WRIGHT
Jack and Furn CRANE Dave and Maria POWNALL Charlie BRITT
Bruno and Deb TARTICCHIO John VENUS Graeme and Vicki McARTHUR
Greg and Ellen WOODWARD Jock McGOWAN Don and Judy WASS
Chris and Janet MUNDAY Gary MULDOON Ian and Josie ATKINSON
Barry and Maureen RADNIDGE Errol BANNISTER Tony and Brenda MORO
Bob and Brenda ANGEL Bob and Joan STEWARD Scott and Sheralee IDE
Steve and Jen EWEN Hans and Judith FRINGS Wayne and Moira BANCROFT
Bill and Caroline GUNNEE Neil and Linda HERRON
Geoff and Katie CLEMSON
Danny BOON
Christine SUMMERS
Mike and Catherina SHEELY
Morrie and Kathy JEPPESEN    
Peter and Gail CARMICHAEL
John and Ros BENSLEY
Allan and Jenny BAKER
Andy and Fay MARTIN    
Paul, Chan and Robert WALSHAW    
Steve McLEOD    
Bernie and Sue DAVIS
Ziggy and Partner KAROW
Steve and Barbara BOCK
Leon and Pauline McGLENCHY
Lee and Partner ANDREWS
John and Melba PAYNE
Chris and Teresa DUNN    
Denis and Cathy METCALF
Frank and Elke WALLIS-TAYLER
Denis and Partner FAIR    
Les and Amanda MIDSON    
Bob and Partner BYFIELD    
Ron and Sally McGRATH



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