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Finding out if you have Pension Entitlements and how to go about Claiming them.

This page contains general information on pension entitlements.  To find out if you have any entitlements you should contact your representative/pension officer at VVA, Naval Association, RSL Sub Branch or any other ex services organisation.  Note this is a free service to veterans provided  at no expense to the veteran by volunteers, you should not have to pay for these services.


Steps to take before seeing your pension officer:

1. Write to Navy Records, Department of Defence (Queanbeyan Annex) Canberra ACT 2600 and request your medical records be forwarded to you. It could take approx. 8 weeks for you to receive them.

2. When the medical documents arrive check through to see if you contracted any diseases or incurred any injuries whilst in service. Remember if you incurred an injury whilst travelling to work or home it is claimable.
3. Go to DVA website and have a look at the index for injury and diseases there are heaps. Then look at the balance of probabilities to see if you meet the criteria.
4. The next step is to organise a meeting with an Advocate (preferably ex Pussers) and complete DVA pension claim forms for assessment by DVA. DVA takes all information into consideration and may well ask you to attend a specialist appointment for which they pay.
Remember that pension increments commence at 10% and go up to 100%. Pension payments are not taxable. So the amount you can receive ranges from $30 up to around $300 a fortnight for 100%. In addition there are a great deal of health benefits which can be claimed.
To see the various pension levels click on DVA Pension rates and then click on Disability Pension and War Widow's/Widower's Pension to see the full list of pension rates.

To see a summary of pensions and entitlements click here

To see a list of TPI entitlements click here

Helpful Links

DVA Website

DVA You and your pension

DVA Statement of Principles

DVA Pension rates



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