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Extract from DVA “You and Your Pension”2001 Edition) A guide only!!



General Rate……….paid according to the incapacity and lifestyle effects of an accepted disability in 10% multiples up to the 100% rate

Extreme Disability Adjustment (EDA)……..paid in respect of extreme incapacity to veterans who are over 65. It is paid at 150% of the General Rate

Intermediate Rate…….paid to veterans whose incapacity is so great that it, alone, prevents them from undertaking employment for 20 hours or more per week and has caused loss of earnings

Special Rate (TPI)…….paid to veterans whose incapacity, alone, prevents them from undertaking remunerative employment for more than 8 hours per week and has caused them loss of earnings, or who are blind in both eyes. The Special Rate can be paid for a set time to someone who is totally temporarily incapacitated (TTI) by accepted disabilities. TPI is not means tested



Service Pensions are means tested pensions, like the social security age pension. They are paid on the grounds of age or invalidity to eligible veterans. Service Pensions can also be paid to eligible partners including widows or widowers. Veterans must have qualifying service and can receive the age service pension five years earlier than eligible people can receive the social security age pension, acknowledging that the effects of war may be intangible and result in premature ageing. The two rates of service pension are singles rate and couples rate. The rate paid for each member of a couple is less than the rate paid to a single person because couples can share some household costs.

Partner Service Pension

You may be eligible to receive the partner service pension if:

* you are married to or living in a marriage like (de facto) relationship with a veteran receiving service pension; and

* you are at least 50 years of age or you have dependant children or you are the partner of a service pensioner who also receives the Special Rate (TPI) disability pension


What Affects the Service Pension

Your living arrangements and your income and assets affect the rate of your service pension. For example, if you are married and live with your spouse your service pension is paid at the couples rate not the singles rate. If you have dependent children, you may be eligible for additional allowances paid by Centrelink.

If you receive a disability pension as well as a service pension, the disability pension is not counted as income for service pension purposes although it can affect how much rent assistance you may receive.

(Note: This process is much more complicated and involved. This is only a brief overview and should not be taken as 100% factual. If you find you are in this situation, contact your nearest DVA or VAN office for advice)





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