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October 1966 to October 1967

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John Anthony KIELBICKI

Official No: R95747 Aged: 16 years 4 months Joined: 8th October 1966
Division: Morrow Home Port: Sydney Discharged: 29 July 1971


Postings: Leeuwin, Sydney, Cerberus, Melbourne, Waterhen
Notes: Badly injured in an M.V.A.  December 1975.  Eventually recovered but lost my right arm.
Current Occupation: Medically retired
1966 today
After Leeuwin it was the Sydney trips then off to Cerberus to train as an EM WE.  While there I met a WRAN RO (G) Kathy Simpson and we became engaged.  We were married in December 1969 and still together today (35 years).  We have three children, girl, boy, girl.  Both girls are married, one has a son, the other a daughter.  Our son is still single.

In 1970 I realised that married life with a child and pusser's just didn't work for me so I started pushing for a discharge.  I finally got out on a medical in 1971.  Commenced work with BHP (Port Kembla) as an electronics tech and stayed with the company till I received a "voluntary" redundancy in 1981.   At the time I was a foreman on fortnightly staff.

 The next 4 years were spent bumming around at TAFE and university.  In 1985 the money was getting very low so I needed another job.

 I scored a job with the NSW government and worked in various agencies, Education, Corrective Services, Maritime Services, State Emergency Service.  I accepted a voluntary redundancy from the Maritime Services Board in 1991 when they corporatised and privatised each port, that was number two.  The next eleven years were spent with the State Emergency Service but in 2002, after two heart attacks and other degenerative conditions I was medically retired. 

As the saying goes, "three strikes and you're out".  I hope that doesn't hold true on the medical side as I have already had two strikes, the third is NOT a good option.  So at the moment I am "happily" retired and doing the "dance of a 1000 steps" (quote attributed to my advocate) with DVA like so many others from the 17th.  I guess I'll be doing this until something better comes along.

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