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October 1966 to October 1967

This website is dedicated to Michael John BROWN who passed away 3 December 2006
Mike did an enormous amount of work to make this site a reality

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Morris James JEPPESEN

Official No: R95745 Aged: 15 years 10 months Joined: 7th October 1966
Division: Morrow Home Port: Brisbane Discharged: 20th October 1996



Leeuwin, Sydney, Harman, Cerberus, Penguin, Supply, Navy Office, Penguin, Waterhen, Sydney III, CPSO Sydney, Brisbane, Kuttabul, Naval Police, Torrens, Albatross, CPSO Sydney, Moreton, RANTEWSS, Sydney IV, Platypus, Canberra, DIO, Navy Office.


RANR Postings: Navy Office, Cerberus, Waterhen, COMAUSNAVMCDGRP

Current Occupation: Semi Retired - RANR Service
1966 today
Last of the 17th to pay off. (although I haven't? Yet?)

Firstly, a big thank you to Steve Bock for the tireless work he has done in tracking down us lot.  Incredible seeing all the names again, so many memories.

Anyway after the Sydney did a stint at Harman as Cafe Party thence to Cerberus for course. Somehow they stuffed up my short leave card and didn't make it under 18, so I spent many a good night in the old boozer before it burnt down. After course went to Penguin for 6 months thence to Supply (met up with JP and a few others) in 1970 posted to Navy Office in Feb. got hit by a car in April and ended up at Penguin hospital with a broken leg. Spent a bit of time at Penguin medically and got married. Got my hook and posted to Waterhen in '72.  HMAS Sydney (the carrier again) in '73 and paid it off, then to Brisbane (DDG) then Kuttabul and then to Naval Police (as a writer). Posted to Torrens did a couple of good trips 'up top' and posted to Albatross then to CPSO in Sydney.  In '81 went to Moreton, got divorced (3 kids).  1983 posted to RANTEWSS at Albatross. 1985 saw me on the FFG Sydney, did RIMPAC, Indian Ocean (Mombassa, what a run!) Posted to Platypus in '87-88 had a great time, thought about paying off but as a single man was having a great time. Went to the Canberra in '89, spent 4 years onboard did San Francisco/San Diego on two different trips, went 'up top', the greatest time ever. Got posted to DIO in Canberra thence to Salary Section in Navy Office. Had a gut full of Canberra and saw my poster, he said you done too much sea time and your stuck here so I said stick it. 

Finally paid off in 1996 after 30 years and 14 days (the first Sunday after a pay rise) as a CPOWTR. I had met a lady from Holbrook when I visited there with Platypus and ended up getting married and bought a house there and settled down. Had a break for 7 months and got a job with the local Council as rates officer. Did that for 3 years and was bored s less. Got a call from the RAN Reserve cell and donned the uniform again in May 2000 and am still doing it, albeit on a contract basis, 6-7 months on and 5 months off. Buying and selling over ebay keeps me busy these days as well as listening to vinyl music.  Take care and hope to catch a few of you one day.  Regards and best wishes.....

Morrie (Doc) Jeppesen

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