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October 1966 to October 1967

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Geoffrey Lyle CLEMSON

Official No: R95720 Aged: 16 years 1 month Joined: 9th October 1966
Division: Marks Home Port: Melbourne Discharged: October 1986

Quartermaster Gunner

Postings: Leeuwin, Sydney, Lonsdale, Cerberus, Stuart, Cerberus, Waratah, Hobart, Leeuwin, Cerberus, Melbourne, Larrakia, Nirimba, Parramatta, Cerberus.
Notes: Paid off as CPOQMG
Current Occupation: Real Estate
1966 today

For 20 years I enjoyed the roller coaster ride that pusser's provided. Some great things happened and secretly I believe we all thought we were invincible. Same as nearly every one else, went to the Sydney after Leeuwin to be greeted with the first life challenge. Remember the mess deck killick taking great pleasure inflicting as much abuse on us as possible, although looking back, he was the first one to instil teamwork in us.  From there to Lonsdale for a short stint before my first visit to Cerberus and the infamous 'Dutch berry' and training as a AB WM (heady days). I remember the 'Old Wets' burning down, Glen Hasler cried for a week. With the right arm rate firmly attached I was off to Stuart for 2 years to travel around the exotic ports of the Far East.

From Stuart back to Cerberus as a Leading WM for a short while then off to the Windy City of Chicago in the USA for 12 months doing 5 in 54 course. I don't remember much about the course but I passed and the yanks thought we were crazy the way we partied. In 1972, two thirds of the way through my stay in the US I married Katie, that put a dampener on the partying.  Following Waratah I spent 2 years on Hobart working in mount 52 and trying to avoid my gangway duties. '74 back to Leeuwin and gad our first daughter, Kimberley. The start of '75 saw me in another PO's course and we were blessed with our second daughter, Gennifer.  Lost the sight of my eye but passed the course and in '78 another daughter, Belinda.  Was sent to purgatory in the shape of Melbourne, LS to PO WM and looking after all the gun maintenance for the 'E' department. Good job, hated being in the service of the air wing though.

'80 found us in Darwin and a dead set blurrrr, promoted to Chief in '81, all the boss of the Larrakia wanted to was to have a good time. I don't know how we managed it but we commissioned the new Navy Building and Syncro Lift and I trained a Royal Guard for the opening but the 2 1/2 got all the credit. After Darwin I spent 6 months at Nirimba as a 'Div Chief' before taking up a "buffer" job on the Parramatta.  When they told me I was Cerberus bound in mid '86 I came to the conclusion that I would rather be in Brisbane than have to put up with the 4 seasons in Melbourne.

After rising to such great heights I thought these civvies would be falling over themselves to employ a one eyed ex CPO QMG RAN retired with medals, bars and scars. WRONG I had several positions in the next 4 years, first 6 months at a paper mill, then a deck hand on a dredge barge, picked clay off a conveyer belt in a brick yard and the tried my hand at painting relocatable homes for a while. I decided in 1990 that I wanted to do something with my life so I told the sales manager at Ray White Real Estate "I could sell ice to Eskimos" he told me I was full of hsit and hired me anyway. Who said you didn't have to be educated for the real world?  Put up your hands if you thought you wouldn't have to go back to school to get you to the next level.  After 6 years of learning the art of selling Real Estate and gaining my diploma, my wife and I decided to start our own business.  Good decision, tough task.  During the last 9 years we have developed a family business with excellent standing in the community. My eldest daughter runs the Property Management Department, which she has built up during  the period and I mainly concentrate on sales. I guess we are going to have to make a few more sales and really kick our heels up at the reunion that we are looking forward to.  

During the last two years there has been a welcome addition to our family in the form of a granddaughter Dayna and our youngest is due to have a baby boy in November.  Grand children are a real leveller and bring you back to earth with a huge thud.

So that is the sands through my hourglass, which are the days of our lives.  Don't be shy, keep the news coming.


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