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October 1966 to October 1967

This website is dedicated to Michael John BROWN who passed away 3 December 2006
Mike did an enormous amount of work to make this site a reality

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Stephen Henry BYRNE (Deceased)

Official No: R95716 Aged: 15 years 8 months Joined: 8th October 1966
Division: Rhoades Home Port: Sydney Discharged: R.A.N.: 14/02/1975.  RANFR: 14/02/1995.


Postings: Leeuwin, Sydney, Cerberus, Waterhen, Sydney, Leeuwin, Melbourne, Watson.
Notes: 12 trips in total to Viet Nam on Vung Tau Ferry.  Warrant for arrest issued in Hawaii following traffic accident in rental car, stopped for a hamburger at roadside dinner and when took off, travelled on wrong side of road, hitting US Air Force Major and his family head on. Fortunately no one injured. Warrant issued when failed to attend court cause I Sailed with the ship on advice of US Navy JAG Corps. I wonder how long those warrants last for? Guess better not go back there to find out.  LSSTD on discharge.
Current Occupation: Senior Sergeant, Western Australia Police Service. Currently Officer in Charge, Gosnells Police Station.
Died 23/09/2018 - Steve passed away after a short illness.

Rest In Peace ..... LEST WE FORGET

1966 today

Nothing spectacular during 8 years and 169 days service in RAN. Like most, travelled through South East Asia, south pacific and Hawaii for RIMPAC Exercise. I enjoyed my time in the Navy until I got married, when being away from home so much got too much.

In December 1972, whilst posted at Leeuwin for the second time, I married my wife, Ann (Nee Roberts), who was the niece of my sponsors and therefore Gary Day’s cousin. Chris Dunn and Steve Barden will probably remember her. We have four sons- Paul (28), Michael (25), Kyle and Jon (20yr old twins).

Paul is a Captain in the Army Engineers and Currently stationed at Enoggera in Queensland. His becoming a ‘pongo’ has the subject of some friendly banter over the years. He will leave the Army in 2.5 years and hopefully settle back in Perth.

Michael is a graphic designer working for a sign making and vehicle graphics company. He is hoping to start his own business in 12 to 18 months time.

Kyle is a Civil and Structural Drafter and Jon is in his third year at university studying Sports Science and works part time as a sports trainer with the West Coast Eagles and the WAFL Umpires. Both boys are nationally accredited Baseball Umpires and in the top 10 in WA. As you can see I’m a bit proud of all my kids achievements.

On discharge in February 1975, I worked as a barman at the Royal Perth Yacht Club whilst waiting to enter the Police Academy, which I did on November 3, 1975. I completed 28 years service last November and will have completed 35 years by the time I retire at 60 years of age. During my police service I have served in Youth Clubs, Traffic, Human Resources and General Duties.

 I am currently a Senior Sergeant and Officer in Charge, Gosnells Police Station in the southern suburbs of the Perth metropolitan area. I have a staff of 36 sworn (cops) and 4 unsworn (civvies) and police the ten suburbs of the City of Gosnells, comprising approximately 87,000 residents. The area is predominately a low socio-economic area and is one of the busiest and violent police sub districts in the state. It is nicknamed “South Beirut” for good reason. Fortunately, I have a very good crew, most of who are around the same age as my kids and morale is very good, despite injuries being a regular occurrence. I am hopeful of being promoted to commissioned rank within the next twelve months.

Apart from the medals for Viet Nam and the FESR, I have been awarded the National Medal and clasp and the Western Australia Police Service Medal.

In 1986 I was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis and consequently lost the sight in my left eye. This was eventually deemed to be service/war related and so I get a 50% DVA Disability pension. Three of my children have unexplained disabilities, which I now believe is related to consuming dioxins (agent orange) in the water on the Sydney. I intend to follow this up with Federal Government.

 I have rattled on enough. Would love to hear or see any of my JR shipmates. Give me a call, email or letter.

 Steve Byrne


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