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October 1966 to October 1967

This website is dedicated to Michael John BROWN who passed away 3 December 2006
Mike did an enormous amount of work to make this site a reality

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Michael John BROWN (Deceased)

Official No: R95713 Aged: 16 years 2 months Joined:

8th October 1966 (RAN)

24th January 1978 (RAAF)

Division: Morrow Home Port: Sydney Discharged:

23rd January 1978 (RAN)

7th October 1988 (RAAF)



Radar plotter


RAAF Police

Postings: Leeuwin, Sydney, Watson, Nirimba, Melbourne, Albatross, Sydney, Cerberus, Kuttabul, Sydney, Hobart, Cerberus, Leeuwin, Acute, Brunei.


Notes: Nine trips to Vung Tau, was on Melbourne during the USS Frank E. Evans collision.  Transferred to RAAF Police 24th January 1978 served until October 1988 - total service of 22 years
Last Occupation:

CEO Pacific Security Consultants Pty Ltd

P/T NSW TAFE Teacher - Security & Risk Management Training Sydney Institute

Died 03/12/2006 - Mike passed away in his sleep.

Rest In Peace ..... LEST WE FORGET

1966 today

Left the RAN, as a POCOX, after a particularly rough time on small ships, didn't get along too well with the officers, I was three years older than the officers in charge so they didn't see me as a guiding influence, more of a threat.  Enjoyed my time at Leeuwin, from 74 to 77 including a short posting to the Acute as Coxswain.  Taught JRs and Topmen navy law at the school block for a year must have done a good job as they replaced me with a CPO when I posted out. Decided to leave pussers due to the radical changes to the coxswains branch (the impending NDP takeover) which I did not see as beneficial to the branch.  Transferred the RAAF in January '78 serving at RAAF Police HQ Melbourne; Laverton, VIC; Butterworth & Penang, Malaysia; Williamtown; Richmond and Glenbrook RAAF HQ. 

Joined the NSW State Emergency Service (Lake Macquarie SES) in 1984.  Started off in communications, then moved into flood rescue, eventually became flood boats trainer, finished up as Lower Hunter Training officer and Flood Boats Manager.  Left in 1996 when my position was disestablished.

After discharge from the RAAF, (SGT RAAFPOL) in 1988, I was employed in Local Government as a Council Ranger (served  two councils over 10 years), after being totally disgusted in the rife political interference in local government, I finally entered the world of self employment as a security consultant and trainer in '99.

Worked at the '96 Olympics (in Atlanta) as security supervisor at the Basketball Stadium, a highlight was meeting the President of the USA (and her husband!!!) also employed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a site security Manager. Now CEO of a security consultancy and training company and part time teacher for TAFE NSW. Have worked as a consultant and trainer in NZ and Fiji. Also went back to school in 92, encouraged by a former local government boss, (bit different to the encouragement I received at school and in pussers - which was zero or none), and now have several tertiary qualifications in law, science and the arts.

Married (36 years) to Merilyn, four children, three boys, Daniel, Matthew, Andrew and one girl Natalie (who recently gave birth to our first grandson - Jayden).  

Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and have had some fairly serious surgery, and now trying to resume work as I was recently offered a fulltime position with TAFE.  Life goes on.


Personal photographs




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